So why the emphasis on “purity” anyway?

We all know that the churches of the Bible belt have been placing a massive emphasis on “purity” and virginity lately. Especially for women.

Actually, purity isn't a commandment at all. The nearest the Commandments get to talking about purity is Commandment No. 7, which says no adultery.
Actually, purity isn’t a commandment at all. The nearest the Commandments get to talking about purity is Commandment No. 7, which says no adultery.

Teens are taking “purity pledges” and being “re-virginized” (whatever THAT means!) and promising to “wait” until they get married.

But have you ever stopped to ask – why?

Why the emphasis on this one aspect of human behaviour?

Good works

Think about it for a moment. How is a “good person” or a “valued member of society” usually defined?

Think of the people in history you’d consider to be heroes. They might be Jesus, if you’re a Christian – but I bet his sex life was never a big issue for you (do you even know how many sex partners he had? is it even mentioned in the Bible?)

Or you might think of Nelson Mandela. Or you might be thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. Or Marie Curie, if you’re a scientist. Or Fred Hollows, who restored eyesight for countless people in the world.

What about Mozart and Beethoven, and the beautiful music they gifted the world? Or Van Gogh, for his stunning artwork?

The Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh.
The Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh.

Or modern composers like Eric Whitacre, and the gorgeous pieces he’s currently writing for us to enjoy?

Other heroes you might consider could include people like your family doctor. Or a favourite teacher. Or the physiotherapist who helped you to walk again after you had a terrible brain injury.

They’re all heroes. Every one of them. All doing good works. All worthy of admiration.

If you believe in Heaven, every one of them deserves a place, wouldn’t you think?

I sure would.

Were they virgins when they married? If they married? And does God even care?

Of all these people, do you know for certain if any of them were virgins when they married? Did it matter? Did it make a difference to them being good people?

Did it affect their being valuable people, of worth to the world and those they loved and that loved them?

I’ll answer the question for you: not one bit.

Their sexual status when they married didn’t affect their contributions as unique individuals. And neither does your sexual status affect your contribution as a unique individual.

Don’t think so little of God!

If you think the Divine is so petty as to care about your virginity, well then, you’ve got one really petty little God you’re worshipping.

If you think God will judge you based on whether you’ve had sex or not, you’re really underestimating God. Plus, you’re really overestimating your own self-importance. The Divine has better things to worry about.

So why do the Churches care?

Firstly, don’t get Church and God muddled up. They’re NOT one and the same. Churches are made up of people. People with all their human frailties and mistakes and bigotries and confusions.

Churches have been telling people what to do and what to think for a long, long time. And a lot of the time, they simply represented what society thought.

When society got it wrong, so too did the Churches.

For example, when society didn’t know better and thought the sun revolved around the earth, the Churches defended this belief to the death. Literally. Galileo was tried by the Inquisition for his challenge to this theory, his books were banned, and he spent the rest of his life under house arrest. Other scientists that challenged the same belief (such as Giordano Bruno) were burned at the stake by the Church.

Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake by the Church in 1600.
Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake by the Church in 1600.

This all happened a long time ago, but what I’m pointing out is that the churches are fallible. They make mistakes, because they’re controlled and made up of people. They reflect common beliefs of society at the time. And sometimes not so common!

Better believe it - this is what some creationists are teaching their kids: that dinosaurs existed with humans, and we *rode* them!
Better believe it – this is what some creationists are teaching their kids: that dinosaurs existed with humans, and we *rode* them!

What’s more, the Churches, due to their generally conservative nature, tend to lag behind society, and are slow to change and update as society changes.

Society has changed, but the Church is still playing catchup

This is what we have now. Reliable contraception is relatively new (the pill was first approved in 1960, very recently in historical terms) and was a massive change to how women could control their fertility.


With that huge change, the status of women changed quickly. Women were suddenly no longer tied to house and children. We could choose to work and pursue careers, knowing that pregnancy wasn’t lying in wait for us unexpectedly.

Reliable laws supporting safe termination followed swiftly in 1973 with Roe v Wade, enabling women who did find themselves unexpectedly pregnant to end it with a safe termination. Terminations are very common – I’ve had one, as have about half of my friends. These days they’re safe and supported by public health insurance in most western countries – the days of backyard coathangers are thankfully over.

But all these changes, including other further advances such as the morning after pill (1997), are very new. Too new for the Churches to cope with. They’re still more than a century behind, back in the Victorian era, advocating abstinence until marriage.

But what’s wrong with abstinence?

Quite a lot, actually. But let’s start with numbers.

The average age of menarche (first period) for girls in the US is 12.5 years of age. Boys hit puberty on average at age 13.

The average age for first marriage in the United States is 28.9 years for men and 26.9 years for women.

So if they’re going to be abstinent, women are going to, on average, have to be abstinent for 14.4 years. Men are going to have to remain abstinent for 15.9 years.

Are you beginning to see a problem? I sure am! Can you imagine, as an adult, going without sex for about 15 years? It’s just not practical or reasonable to expect young people, at the height of their fertility, to not have sex for that long.

Furthermore, the same communities that are preaching the abstinence mantras are typically

a) not providing young people with full sex education, so they are more at risk of pregnancy, STIs and dangerous / abusive relationships should sex occur
b) not providing young people with access to contraception or teaching them how to use contraception properly
c) dumping guilt on young people when the inevitable does occur and they do have sex.

In other words, they’re preaching a virtually unachievable mode of behaviour for all but the most asexual of young people, then blaming those same young people when they cannot meet unrealistic expectations.

So why purity?

Purity has, and always will be until it finally suffers a permanent demise as a concept, been about control. It’s a way of making people feel: dirty, cheap, worthless, not good enough, not able enough. It’s a way of judging people and labelling people and keeping people (women) in their place that is hurtful and can be very cruel.

Decidly unChristian!

Yes, the pretty white dresses and “purity rings” are all very nice, but they’re a veil over a brutal attempt to control women.

A purity ball. Actually, I find the whole father-daughter emphasis a little incestuous and creepy.
A purity ball. Actually, I find the whole father-daughter emphasis a little incestuous and creepy.

What to do?

Don’t buy the lie. Don’t buy into the purity lie.

Instead, focus on being a good person. Do good works. Let your actions speak for who you are and what you believe is important and right. If you choose to wait until you find someone you love for sex, that’s only your business: no-one else’s.

It’s not the church’s. Or your minister’s. Or your parents. Or your friends.

Ignore the purity rings. And the purity balls. And the purity pledges. Be a good person because that’s who you choose to be, not to fit into someone else’s rules and regulations and guidelines and boundaries.

Have sex when you choose to. With who you want to. With as many or as few people as you choose.

Do it safely. Feel no guilt, because sex can be a beautiful, fun, pleasurable gift when you do it right.

But the only purity that you should ever concern yourself with is the purity of your food and drink. Because that’s the only purity that matters.


Not enough workers!

I was at a local superket the other day.

I don’t know if your local shops are the same as mine, but around here we’re getting more and more do-it-yourself checkouts (where the customer does the scanning and paying themselves). More and more we’re seeing fewer and fewer actual workers on the checkouts, and more and more “closed” signs on the full checkouts of the supermarkets.

We’re experiencing what that means. It means we get days like the instance I’m about to relate to you, where there were lines of six to eight people with HUGE trolleys full, lined up at only two checkouts open in a supermarket. Everyone else had to either line up behind them, or self-serve it.

So there was me, with about 40 items in my baskets – plus a six year old to manage – scanning everything and piling bags up all across the DIY floor, blocking everyone’s way with scanned, bagged shopping that wouldn’t fit on trays that are designed to hold much less scanned shopping.

And a woman opposite me, in exactly the same predicament.
And a man next to me. Same situation for him.
And all of us NOT HAPPY about it.

Most stressed of all was the single check out attendant scurrying madly about, trying to help all of us every time something didn’t scan, or a machine demanded a salesperson to confirm something.

What has this to do with Aphrodite and women?

Quite a lot, actually.

Mostly it is women who work these low-paid jobs in supermarkets around the world. They’re overworked more and more as more women are laid off in favour of the self-serve machines, which are a cost-cutting (profit-making) exercise for the huge supermarket chains.

I’m not noticing any savings being passed on to us, the consumers. Are you?

Because of the lay-offs, there are also fewer and fewer of these unskilled jobs available to the women who may not have had the chance at an education, and who sorely need them. Or who need a few extra dollars to support their families. Or who are putting themselves through education. Or whatever.

It’s not just women of course, but the majority are women.

I’m sure by now some readers are calling me a “Commie” and signing off, figuring it has nothing to do with them in their own cushy life.

Good for you. Have a nice day feeling superior.

But these jobs are HARD. In a civilised world we should be doing what we can to ensure that jobs are fair and reasonable to work in. The woman who was doing the job of two that day on the self-serve line because the staffed check-out lines were closed wasn’t getting a fair deal. She was getting shafted.

I, as a consumer and user of the supermarket, was getting shafted too. I had to deal with my shopping all over the floor. I had to pick it up off the floor. Someone could have tripped over it and hurt themselves.

How would an elderly person – or a person with a back problem – have dealt with this situation?

The woman across the aisle dealing with the same problem, and the man next to me? They were getting shafted too.

The whole thing sucked. Maybe the shareholders are making a few more cents a year at all our expense, but I think they can go screw themselves.

What I did – the power and value of freedom

I complained. The overworked woman took more of her time, overworked as she was, to find a complaints line phone number for me. I thanked her and assured her it was nothing personal at all – I was angry at the supermarket manager.

I got the impression she really, thoroughly understood!

Then I went home, put my shopping away, and rang the complaints line. I asked for a job number, and have put it in my diary to follow up in a month.

Share our opinions

Another thing I’m doing is writing this blog post.

We consumers do have power. But if nobody complains about people being shafted, nothing will change.

Think you’re getting a better deal when a burger chain pays their workers less? Think again. They’re going to be overworked and tired and possibly make mistakes that could cost you your health. Or theirs.

Shafting people and not giving them a fair deal doesn’t benefit you. Not by a long shot. And do you really want to be a scumbag to save a few cents, making someone’s life a misery? If so, what sort of person are you?

The issues of decent working conditions and decent pay are women’s issues. They’re at the core of Aphrodite. If women are shafted at work, how can we be happy, healthy, functioning beings? And how can anyone we share our lives with?

Everything is connected.

So next time you go to a supermarket, or a burger joint, or anywhere you see there aren’t enough workers, take some time. Ask for the complaints number. Or to see the manager. Make a point of it.

Be the decent human being you were meant to be.