Claimed by Aphrodite

Claimed by Aphrodite: My Story

I was claimed by Aphrodite as her own about two years ago, maybe more. I can’t remember the exact date, although I probably should.

It surprised me, because Aphrodite was a Goddess that I’d pretty much ignored my whole life. I’d viewed her as a bit of a bimbo, a Goddess for the lightweights. I didn’t see her as intellectual (which is how I viewed myself) or strong, or powerful, and I certainly didn’t see her as a deity that would complement my feminism and desire for equality of the sexes.

In short, my shallow view of her was that she was a Goddess that represented everything about my own femininity that I was uncomfortable with and despised. If I thought about her at all, that is.

Which just shows you how wrong a person can be.

My Goddess and I find each other

I remember doing some research about Goddesses. I expected, and wanted, to work with Athena. She’d always appealed to me mentally. But something had never felt right. I’d never felt like I was in the right place. I felt that, with Athena, She was everything others wanted me to be, and expected me to be. She’s a brilliant Goddess – don’t get me wrong – but I didn’t feel like I’d found my home. I didn’t fit.

And somehow Aphrodite kept pulling me. I was fascinated. She kept pulling me in, and I kept resisting. I kept telling myself that She was a Goddess for “girly girls”, for the women who wear pink and frilly dresses – something that I could never imagine me doing.

I’d been – and still was – the tomboy. I was the one with messy hair, dirty knees, awkward, intellectual, always assessing everything with my brain rather than my heart. I’d been in the Army, I was an athlete, I was a bodybuilder, I was six feet tall (nearly) and muscular. How could the ultra-feminine Aphrodite be calling me?

Then, finally, I relented, and asked that difficult question – What if? What if I gave in, submitted to Her will, and took the time to learn more about Her? My logical brain couldn’t deny that it made sense.

And I came home to my Goddess.

A Goddess of Power, Beauty and Wisdom

I’d be so completely wrong in my assessment of who Aphrodite is.

She is an incredibly powerful Goddess, and has enabled me to bring the pieces of myself together to finally form a whole being. I never realised how damaged, how fragmented I was until she helped me to see myself.

Aphrodite is feminine sexuality and sensuality, but in a positive, powerful way. That doesn’t mean ruffles and bows – although it can, if that’s what makes you feel powerful. What She does is connect your physical self with your sensual and intellectual selves, melding them together. Through Aphrodite, I learned how to explore and understand who I am, without the confines and traditions of modern society. I learned to know myself.

Women are strong. But in the western world at least, there are so many forces trying to undermine us and weaken us and betray us. We’re confronted every day with images that seem to offer power for us, but really are just more chains that would choke us. No woman can live up to someone else’s ideals. No woman can be truly happy attempting to fit someone else’s expectations.

Aphrodite teaches us to have the strength to find our own expectations, and to then live beyond them. She helps us find our own form of feminine power, and to understand that our own style of feminine beauty is far more powerful and amazing that anything the media can give us.

Aphrodite isn’t just beauty and sex and love either. She is also a Goddess of war and battle and death, and can guide us through the ages of our lives, learning and growing in wisdom and strength, becoming more powerful, rather than weakening and fading away.

For a long time – for most of my life – I was uncomfortable with my femininity, because I’d been taught by society that being feminine was the same as being weak. But Aphrodite is strong. You don’t mess with Her. She knows how to fight, and when She fights She wins. She understands men fully, and knows how to control them for Her purposes. Those She has claimed are their equal in all things.


I’m where I am supposed to be. I’m finding my path, little by little. I believe that Aphrodite is rising in the world – there are signs that She is awakening, and claiming Her own, especially in the islands of the world.

I don’t know if I’m part of a larger movement, but I will go forward with an open mind, and watch with interest as She commands me to do Her will. Her call has been unmistakable, and I am honoured that She has chosen me.

Botticelli. The Birth of Venus.
Botticelli. The Birth of Venus.

[This page updated June 28 2016]


7 thoughts on “Claimed by Aphrodite

  1. This story really calls to me!
    I have recently dedicated to Aphrodite myself – never expecting to, as well! I am very inspired in reading this and can’t get enough of Her right now!


    1. Hi Olivia – I believe that Aphrodite is rising powerfully in the world right now. Possibly as a response to the violence against women and the attempts in so many quarters to deny women our sexuality and our strength at the moment. She;s an incredibly powerful Goddess and totally capable of blindsiding anyone who challenges the ability and right of women to be.

      Good luck in your own Aphrodite journey! Blessings XXX

  2. As a six foot, muscular, intelligent, law enforcing, ambulance running androgynous woman… I offer you a virtual high five and a huge thanks for writing about my beloved Goddess this way 🙂

    1. Funny that. I’m a 5’11”, muscular (I’m a bodybuilder), intelligent (or I try to be!), bisexual Domme. Guess it shows that Aphrodite doesn’t choose wimps now, does she? 😉

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! In fact, thank you for this entire blog! I’ve only been studying paganism for a few years, and I somewhat recently felt like I was finally ready to start practicing, and almost immediately Venus (or Aphrodite, but I feel more comfortable with calling her Venus) came calling. I admit that when I read about patron gods and goddesses, Venus was definitely not the one I thought would come into my life. But I guess that’s where you and I share similarities in our stories. I’ve never felt particularly beautiful or really very feminine at all. My self-esteem is particularly low where my physical appearance is concerned, and I’m not really sure how I identify personally as a woman. Maybe Venus is exactly who I need in my life.

    Thank you again for everything you share on this blog. You have no idea how much of a help you are to me right now.

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