Aphrodite: the Goddess of sluts and whores

There’s been a lot of name calling going on in politics at the moment.


Apparently, women who have sex are sluts. Especially if we have sex outside of marriage. Even if we have sex inside of marriage sometimes.

But I want to ask – why? Why the emphasis on women? And if women who have sex are sluts and whores, surely men are too?

I guess that means that our mothers are sluts. And our grandmothers. And the Queen is a slut. And pretty much any women who didn’t remain a nun.

Name calling in the playground!

When I think back on primary school, I remember that kids used to call each other names a lot. And it was all about pecking order, and putting people into their social rank.

Names were used to make people feel bad about themselves. Names were used to put people down. Names were especially used by people in power to keep those who didn’t have the power from having any.

So you’d get the bullies name-calling the loser kids. And the jocks name-calling the nerds. And the popular kids name-calling the unpopular kids. Never the other way around.

So we had a nerdy kid who people labelled “Eugene” and gave him a hard time. And a girl we called “craterface” because she had bad skin. And a friend of mine used to get called “red pubes” by a group of guys because she had red hair and, well, they liked to make her feel uncomfortable.

Pleasant stuff. Real intelligent too. But it did it’s job: it made those without power feel worse, and those with power feel even more powerful. It kept those lower down the power hierarchy in their place.

And now we have grown up men calling women who have sex – and, let’s face it, the vast majority of women do have sex, so they’re by association name-calling all of ussluts and whores.

Then they act all surprised when this is the result:


And this:


And this:

SlutWalk March In London

I love sex! OMG I’m a slut! And a whore!

I love sex. I really enjoy it, and yes, I’ve had sex with a lot of men in some people’s estimation. And a fair number of women.

I’m a slut! OMG! Kill me now! LOL.

I suppose, if you stretch things a little, I might even technically be a whore, because some of the guys bought me dinner beforehand. So I was PAID (in food) for sex, if you want to get nitpicky.


I have no regrets (well, there was this one guy who was pretty awful and had no clue…lol), and am proud of everything I did. It was consenting, and fun, and I enjoyed most of it.

I’m an adult, and I have the right to do what I want with my body. I believe that others have the right to do what they want with their bodies too.

If Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty and love, then She is also the Goddess of sluts and whores. Which in some peoples eyes is all women.

I don’t understand why or how some people can hate women that much. I suspect it’s a combination of bad sex and too little of it, or maybe just lots of rejection by women in their lives. I feel sorry for them for that, but they’re not going to improve matters by hating women for their miserable sex lives.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to stand proud, as a slut and a whore, along with all my friends who are also sluts and whores, and continue to fight for our rights to do with our own bodies as we wish.


Aphrodite and the backlash against female sexuality

Aphrodite is a difficult Goddess. She makes no apologies for that. Why should she?


She’s not convenient, not politically correct, she doesn’t abide by society’s rules and guidelines. And I think the reason she is rising is because we need her, more than ever.

Women are becoming more powerful. Over the last 100 years we’ve gone from have few choices to even being world leaders. We lead countries and companies, we have our own television shows and our own story-writing empires. We top the music charts and the bestseller lists, and we raise families and stun the world with our sporting achievements.

There is nothing we cannot do.

But with these massive changes to the status of women has come the inevitable backlash. It had to happen, of course – because with the rise of any previous underclass there will always be a small proportion of their previous rulers who are unhappy with the change.

One of the primary forms this backlash is taking is an attack of female sexuality. So we’re seeing – in America in particular – “purity balls” and “reclaimed virginity” (absolutely ridiculous!), a vicious attempt by the religious right to put women, once again, back under the control of men.

We’re seeing “slut shaming” (Think Miley Cyrus – did you notice how little comment Robin Thicke got for his behaviour in the “twerking” incident?) and a widespread attack on women’s rights to choose regarding abortion and contraception.

All of this is inevitably doomed to failure. But that doesn’t mean its perpetrators aren’t going to do their best to try.

In response, Aphrodite rises, more powerfully than ever. We’re seeing battle lines being drawn – and, in my experience, you’re a fool if you try to take on a Goddess!

So we’re seeing, in response to these attacks on our sexuality (the domain of Aphrodite), “slut walks“, vocal appeals in support of rape victims, Steubenville-like fallouts (where men suddenly realise that the game is changing and the world no longer tolerates their behaviour), Roastbusters fallout (ditto), and real, open discussion about sexuality and consent becoming more common in families, in youth groups, and in schools.

Like the recent, massive improvements that are happening for equal marriage rights around the world, I believe it is easy to see which way these issues will inevitably, historically fall. Like I said, you’d have to be a real fool to take on a Goddess when she is on the move. And it is clear that Aphrodite is rising. The whole testing ground of women’s sexuality and our rights regarding our sex lives and our physiology are on the table now, up for debate, and it is clear which way the wind is blowing.

We’re living in interesting times.