About “Aphrodite Rises”

About Aphrodite Rises

I started this blog a while back as a place to start unloading coven content from my old Coven, Akasha, which was active in Melbourne, Australia from 2001 through to 2008. When I moved from Australia to Dunedin, New Zealand, it seemed the time was ripe to pass on what I had learned.

The time was right for new growth.
The time was right for new growth.

I’d been sitting on the content for a few years since leaving the Coven as High Priestess, and decided I wished to share it with the world, as it had previously been shared on the old Coven website (now defunct).

Over time, the blog shifted to its new focus – my role as Priestess of Aphrodite, and eventually I renamed the blog and settled on the name Aphrodite Rises.

The blog focuses on several topics:

  • the service of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality
  • Pagan rites and rituals, the Wheel of the Year
  • how we Pagans live everyday, and how our beliefs affect our everyday
  • LBGT issues, marriage equality, sex and the law
  • various feminist issues, including the role of women, women’s fertility issues, women’s rights, and anything I think is relevant in particular to the role of women in the world
  • kink, BDSM, and sexuality, in particular the sexuality of Dominant women and submissive men.

I see all of these topics as a part of the sphere that Aphrodite rules, and they’re really interesting topics to write about and discuss. I value input and comments, and will always try to respond to any comments on posts.

About D

I’ve identified as Pagan since my late teens, and now have about 25 years of continuous involvement in the Pagan community.

My first serious Coven was named MoonSpell Coven and was established around the late 90s and was active for several years before being disbanded, as the members moved on in different directions, many towards the growing Reclaiming Tradition that was taking root in southern Australia at that time. We all remained firm friends and keep in contact to this day.

The Australian landscape...a very different world for Pagans to live in.
The Australian landscape…a very different world for Pagans to live in.

I went on to create a Coven of my own, and as its High priestess I built the Akasha Tradition based firmly in Australia. At it’s height, we had over 100 students under our wings, and the coven itself had seven teaching members. We commonly ran open gatherings with attendances of around 50 participants or more, and our Classes in the Gardens, held in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, were very popular. The Coven was active from 2001 through to 2008.

I was also the creator of the Witches Of Melbourne yahoo group, which had over 350 members in its prime, and was subject to several television appearances and radio interviews, as well as being interviewed in a front page article in Melbourne’s Age newspaper, regarding the old Witchcraft laws which were being repealed at the time.

When I left Melbourne to move to New Zealand in early 2008 with my family, I passed on the ownership of Witches of Melbourne, and the Akasha Coven closed formally, with its members moving on. We are still good friends and keep in contact, catching up whenever we can.

The Dunedin Pagan community is small and finding time to get together now I have children is difficult. I’m primarily solitary these days, and focus on my own work, dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite.

My journey has been exciting and educational. I’m looking forward to seeing where my path leads from now. Transferring my understanding of Paganism from Australia to New Zealand and its vibrant, living landscape has been an amazing experience. Aphrodite truly belongs in these islands, and I belong here with Her.

I belong in New Zealand now!
I belong in New Zealand now!

[This page updated June 28 2016]


3 thoughts on “About “Aphrodite Rises”

  1. Oh, girl! How I wish we weren’t half the world apart… there’s so much we could share! I am deeply involved in a community of devotion to Aphrodite here and would love to tell you about it. My email is available on my website; please contact me if you’d like to dialogue. I particularly appreciate your description of Aphrodite as a goddess of death, because I’ve long considered the shadow aspects we must embrace in order to fully receive Her light. Blessings on you and thanks for all your work! ~Daphne

    1. Hi – Thanks for commenting. I’m not sure how I found your blog but read through a few posts and thought “Hmmmm…sounds like we might have more than a bit in common!” 😉 As usual, distance is a pain in the rear!

      A community sounds wonderful – I’m pretty much solitaire over here, as Dunedin is quite a small town, and rather isolated (nearest towns of any size in any direction are a good few hours drive away). It’s be nice to work with others more, but that’s not likely, so I just potter on. At least we have a decent kinky community, so that keeps things from getting too boring.

      Yes, the shadow aspects of Aphrodite are really interesting to work with. Neglect them at your peril! Love, sex and death are all closely intertwined anyway, and of course our society does its best to closet all three away from public view in a very dysfunctional way.

      I look forward to exploring your blog a bit more, and hopefully catching up when I get a breather from lambing season, which is currently in full swing!

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