Samhain ritual (solitary ritual)

Samhain (pronounced saw-een) is the Pagan New Year. It is a time to say farewell to the old, and welcome in the new, and is thus a time for celebration as well as reflection. Samhain is traditionally a time of fire, sparklers, and fun, but it is also a time for reflection and inner work, as we think on the year that has passed and meditate on the year which is to come.

For this rite, you will need:

– a singing bowl or bell
– a cauldron or enclosed fireplace (prepare the cauldron for lighting beforehand)
– sprigs of rosemary (for remembrance),
– eucalyptus leaves (for healing and protection),
– small white candles, one for each of the loved ones who have passed on that you wish to honour and remember in this rite (tealights are fine).


The rite

Set the cauldron in the middle of the Circle, and set the white candles around the cauldron in a circle.

Strike the singing bowl / ring a bell three times to signal silence, then move around the Circle, cleansing the air with the singing bowl.

Call in the quarters and welcomes the elements, then circle again with sound, binding the Circle fast.


It is Samhain.
The end of last year.
The beginning of a new year.
I take time to reflect on what has passed
And I take time to plan for the future.

Take the sprig of rosemary, and eucalyptus leaves, and light the cauldron, putting the rosemary and eucalyptus to the side of the cauldron.

Start the following chant:

The old is gone
Last year is gone
Passed away! Passed away!
The new is come
New year is come
Here and now! Here and now!

As you sing the chant, crumble the eucalyptus leaves into the cauldron fire.

When the eucalyptus leaves have been cast into the fire, change the chant:

Ancestors, friends and foes
Spirits I once did know
With Rosemary I remember you!
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
Away, away, away, away!
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
Come again! Come again!

Now the sprig of rosemary is cast into the fire.

Take time to reflect upon loved ones that have passed on. As you do so, light the white candles – one for each of your loved ones who you wish to honour this night.

When the cauldron has burned down, continue to meditate on the white candles, reflecting on the happy times you spent with those who have now passed on.

Meditate until the candles have burned down, then ground remaining energy, take cakes and ale if you wish, and close the Circle.



One thought on “Samhain ritual (solitary ritual)

  1. Beautiful! This could be modified for a group ritual too, with a candle for each participant. I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, so we’ve just celebrated Beltane, but I’m definitely saving this for October! Thanks, and blessed be!

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