So….what does a Priestess of Aphrodite *do*?

I get to wear funky robes and have sex with thousands of hot male slaves, of course 😉


Who wouldn’t want to be Priestess of Aphrodite with a gig like that? Sheesh!

Seriously, serving the Goddess of Beauty and Love is all about intent. I honour Her with my actions. She gives me confidence in everything I do, in all my acts – especially those to do with beauty, sexuality and love.

Practically minded.

Aphrodite is an enabler. A facilitator. In other words, She gives Her Priestesses and those that serve Her the powers that She governs.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sex and Sensuality, among other aspects. So when you decide to tread Her path and follow Her you begin to find all aspects of those parts of your life and your personality falling into place.

This doesn’t mean that the moment you decide to honour Aphrodite as your patron Goddess that you’ll suddenly wake up the next morning all sexified or hunky. But it does mean that you may find that your own unique form of sexuality and beauty begins to make sense to you on a level that it may not have before.

Creating focus.

If you felt scattered or uncertain about what you wanted (like I did), everything pulls into focus. If you lacked confidence or security in expressing who you are, your own inner, sensual self will be made clear.

You’ll feel – if your experience is anything akin to mine – like you suddenly don’t have to fit in with society’s demands any more. They weakened you. Instead you find yourself, independent and unique, and the world begins to listen.

That is the power of Aphrodite.

Shedding the skin of superficiality, and creating real beauty

Priestesses and Priests of Aphrodite – and I am beginning to know a few around the world – are not cookie-cutter Barbie doll types. Far from it. They stand out in a crowd. People stop to look at them. They’ve found their own form of power through serving the Goddess.

They’ve learned, or are learning, how to shed the skin of superficial beauty society attempts to force us to mould ourselves into. They’re learning how to embrace our own, unique, powerful forms of beauty and sensuality.

Serving the Goddess is all about strengthening women. Creating balance. Supporting freedom of sensuality. Expressing our sensual selves. Connecting with the sea, and the water. There is a reason Aphrodite is often portrayed balanced upon a scallop shell – She is an image of balance between the genders, a symbol of the re-assertion of femininity.

Botticelli. The Birth of Venus.
Botticelli. The Birth of Venus.

Aphrodite enables women to make choices regarding our reproductive and sexual freedom. Curtaining the reach of patriarchy. Limiting the rule of men over women, wherever we find it. Recognising women’s intrinsic power over men, and being unafraid to use it. Shamelessly so, but fairly.

Aphrodite isn’t a great one for Olympian-style ritual. She’s one, instead, for action. Serve Her in deeds, not in flowery performance. Serve her with your body, soul and mind, not with words and theatricals. She grows stronger as women grow stronger.

Remember that She is an ancient Goddess – according to Hesiod, She is the daughter of Uranus, the primal Greek sky God, and absolutely worthy of reverence, possibly older than any of the other Olympian Goddesses.

As a Priestess of Aphrodite, it is my duty to usher in her Rise. Aphrodite – and other ancient deities – has been persecuted for nearly two millenia under the push of Christanity and Islam across the world. Only now, as Christanity at least is in its death throes, is She re-asserting herself.


The image of the hot male slave is, as far as I can tell, by artist “Built By Tall Steve”.


15 thoughts on “So….what does a Priestess of Aphrodite *do*?

  1. Fantastic post!
    I never expected to be drawn to Aphrodite. To those ignorant of her ways I at first overlooked her as a typically beautiful, blonde bombshell, openly sexual in ways that made me blush! A devotee to her ways that I’d met was very openly sexual and I felt very uncomfortable with it. I didn’t understand it and thought it very unladylike….

    And now here I am! Aphrodite drew me in. I realised that she was so much more than her given stereotype, and that her stereotype was indeed not something to be scorned at either!
    I can’t help but love her! Everything she is, is love! She is beautiful and fills you with love, happiness and pleasure. How can you not be drawn to that!?

    So now she is helping me to heal and recognise this ‘secret’, repressed aspect of myself. I am very young, but my sexuality blossomed early so I repressed it, in shame. Now I am old enough to consider myself a woman and free to open myself to my sexual nature.

    So as her Priestess, I frolic in the sea with my lover, breathing in the ocean air and bathing in her waters.
    I have sex – and I enjoy it!!
    I try my best to make others feel beautiful and love themselves.
    I try to heal myself.
    And I love myself, as a product of her hands.

    1. I understand completely where you’re coming from.

      Sex and sensuality have been repressed for way too long in women. We’ve been taught that the needs that we feel, and the delight we can feel in our bodies, is shameful and wrong. There’s so much puritanical guilt that has been heaped upon us. Which is why we need the healing, cleansing power that is Aphrodite.

      I think I feel anther post coming on! 🙂 But yes, healing is sorely needed. Aphrodite’s Rise is coming here and now for very good reason.

  2. Excellent post 🙂

    I second, third and fourth if necessary your statement that “you may find that your own unique form of sexuality and beauty begins to make sense to you on a level that it may not have before.” She is the one who started me on the road to finally accepting my non-typical, beautiful, and totally OK self.

    1. Being beautiful is all about self-acceptance, I’m convinced of it. Those airbrushed models we see so many of that they start to all look the same – they’re not beautiful to me. They’re plastic, soulless, an imitation of beauty.

      Real beauty comes from spirit and body in unison. From the acceptance and joy in who and what we are. Aphrodite has been a healing Goddess for me, and for so many others, because she enables self-love and self-acceptance in this way.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. So I’ve writing a story about a modern day follower of Aphrodite and I’d really love it if you could direct me around this very interesting belief system.
    I’m not trying to belittle you or your faith I just want to understand and I’d love to have it from someone who actually believes it and not someone who doesn’t.

    1. Hi Somebody – Every follower of Aphrodite is different. I think that’s probably the hardest thing for people in our Western cultures to grasp – we expect that people who serve a particular God or Goddess or who adhere to a particular Pagan path will all believe the same things and do the same things.

      Although we’ll share similarities, we’ll have differences too – lots of them. So all I can talk about is what I do, and not what anyone else may or may not do or believe.

      So when Olivia in her comments above mentions an affinity with the sea and water, and a relaxation of the rules regarding sex, yes, I feel that too and they’re part of who and what I am. Serving a particular God or Goddess usually means connecting with the various aspects of that deity, and Aphrodite is no exception. So if you want to know what Aphrodite’s Priestesses do, look at who She is. Then you’ll know.

      For me, I see Aphrodite as a very immanent Goddess, rather than an abstract form. So She is everything that I am. I respresent what She is, in an earthly, more human form. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be divinely beautiful (I wish!) but by connecting with Her, I do obtain aspects of Her power and influence.

      Followers of Aphrodite do tend to be people who are very sexually charged, and sensually aware, and that aspect of myself has definitely increased since I began to follow Her.

      In terms of what we do, well, we live our lives. Like everyone. But there’s an awareness there the whole time that permeates who we are and how we feel that is very different from mainstream society and its beliefs about women. The rules don’t confine us.

      I hope this is useful.

  4. I’ve only just come across this post. I really enjoyed it. I’m kind of just coming back from a break on my path. Aphrodite has been….well…sort of ‘beating me over the head’ it seems to get my attention. I’d had a really strong pull towards her in the beginning, but I resisted. I think because she is…somewhat stereotyped? I leaned more toward Athena, even if the pull wasn’t as strong. Her Goddess of Wisdom aspect appealed to me. I didn’t really stick with working with her though. Also, the more I look into Aphrodite, and connect with her, the more I like her, and feel like she tends to be misunderstood sometimes. She is so much more than I would have thought, and thinking about my life, I feel like she has always been there in some way. Self love and acceptance is something I struggle with, but am working on.

  5. Not going to lie but that first sentence was really hot. As a guy I found the thought of that kind of life to be very attractive.

  6. So, I am a college student who has recently found her way into paganism. I could feel Aphrodite pulling at me, but at first I didn’t want to listen. But, she kept nagging me, and after reading this post, I am convinced that this is the path for me. Thank-you SO MUCH!!!

    1. Hi Molly – I’m glad you’ve found your path 🙂 It took me a long time for me to find mine, and now I wonder what I was doing all those years! I wish you well XX

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