Love in all its forms: New Zealand legalises same sex marriage

The whole “gay marriage” issue is in the news at the moment.

New Zealand citizens celebrated our first same sex marriages this week. A few people fell over in horror – mostly conservative religious folk. Most people probably didn’t care much, as it wasn’t sports-related news about our rugby team the All Blacks. And a few of us – hopefully more than a few – celebrated this huge benchmark in equality.

I’m not particularly in favour of monogamous marriage. I think there are big problems with the institution. We’re force-fed the monogamous ideal – the belief that we should search all our lives for That One Special Person To Make Our Lives Complete – from the moment we’re old enough to open a fairy story. The idea that something else – anything else could exist – isn’t even considered.

But that aside, I do believe strongly that all people should have the right to live their lives with the person, or people, they love. We all deserve the same legal rights. If I, as a woman, can marry a man, then I also deserve the right to marry a woman if I choose. And a man should be able to marry a man.


So this is a step forward. It’s about equality. Fairness. Recognising that love, in all it’s consensual forms, is sacred and valid and worthy.

I’m guessing it won’t be an easy road ahead for same sex couples. Legal recognition is just one part of the battle. But it’s a big one.


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