Everything She touches, changes…

A brief explanation…

When I began this blog, my goal was to upload the old content from Akasha (my coven in Australia, and spiritual path), together with some of the new rituals and work I’ve been doing since.

Of course, nothing ever works out precisely as planned.

Over the last couple of years, my life has been changing more and more, due to the influence of a major Deity in my life. I haven’t written about my experiences with Her at all, and although some of my friends in the Pagan world (and in the Vanilla world) know what’s been going on – or parts of it – I’ve not written about it here.

But I think the time has come to admit that my life has taken a different path. Akasha is where I have come from, but Aphrodite is where I am, and where I am heading.

Hence the change in focus of this blog.

This may or may not suit you, as a reader. I hope you continue to follow, and find my path of interest. It is interesting to me. Not all the content will focus on Aphrodite, but an increasing proportion will.

This is my world, my path, my journey. This is my Goddess. I have been claimed by Her, and She Rises.



One thought on “Everything She touches, changes…

  1. Hello, D
    I wanted to invite you to keep the Flame of Aphrodite with us, of Aphrodite’s Flame. We send a lit (and extinguished ) candle from the original flame,and its kept as a perpetual flame by its members.
    Blessings upon you, I am greatly enjoying your blog.

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