Reading the Tarot

Reading the Tarot is something I’ve done for a long time. I’ve got a few decks that I’ve collected over the years, but my favourite is still that old standby, the Rider-Waite.

The Rider-Waite Tarot
The Rider-Waite Tarot

Yes, I know you’re going to say, not THAT old thing! There are sooooo many decks out there that are better illustrated, prettier, better made, etc.

Well, I’m not sure there are. The Rider-Waite covers everything so well. And I connect with it so well. There’s an old saying If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and I think that saying is particularly applicable to the Rider-Waite. So many decks have tried to duplicate it but just pretty it up a bit. Or they’ve tried a new slant. Or they’ve just been cheap imitations. And they’ve all somehow missed the mark. There’s a reason a classic is a classic.

I go through phases with the Tarot. Sometimes I’ll use it a lot, every day, for everything from the smallest question upwards. Then it’ll sit there in my bedside drawer and gather dust a few weeks before I pull it out again.

Other times I’ll use my Rune Stones, and do Castings instead. They’re pretty effective too, and I’ve got a beautiful set I picked up in Melbourne somewhere, years and years ago, that I’ve looked after and have become part of my standard Equipment.

My Tarot deck and rose quartz Rune Stones
My Tarot deck and rose quartz Rune Stones

In the end, you have to use whatever Tools work for you. I’ve a friend who has so many decks I can’t keep track of them. She particularly loves the Oracle and Goddess-type decks. Me, I’m more of a minimalist. I like to get things right, have the right tool for the job, and then I find I don’t need anything else. (With the exception of blades, which I have a bit of a fetish for, and collect!)

When it comes to choosing a Tarot, go with what works for you. Don’t listen to me, or anyone else. A good place to start is with a book about Tarot and a plain deck of cards, which can be used in place of a specific Tarot Deck – I still use a plain deck of cards sometimes, and they work well. Then move on to a particular Tarot when you feel ready to explore.


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