Thoughts at Samhain

It’s Samhain, and the cold is settling in.

We’ve had rain almost nonstop for two weeks now, and the last of the hazelnuts are on the ground, ready to be collected and stored. There’s that feeling in the air that winter is on it’s way, that it is time to clear out the last of the summer warmth, and that the time has come to collect my thoughts, reflect on the year that has past, and take advantage of the cold weather to plan for the year ahead.

It's Samhain, and the last of the hazelnuts have fallen on my farm...
It’s Samhain, and the last of the hazelnuts have fallen on my farm…

Samhain is traditionally the Pagan New Year. It’s the end of things, the end of the cycle – although, of course, the cycle never really ends. It continues, year after year, changing and growing and renewing. This past year for me has been one of physical work and inner reflection, doing the hard yards deciding who I am and who I want to be, and then making who I want to be come about, from vision to reality.

Weaving spells at Samhain
Weaving spells at Samhain

I’ve made a lot of changes in my life, not all of them easy. Some of the hardest changes lie ahead – I know what I have to do, but that doesn’t make the doing any easier. This is where the Wheel – and the energy of Samhain in particular – can help. It pushes forth change and sweeps away procrastination. It supports the power to do what must be done despite fear. It allows us to embrace our Dark Selves. It allows us to be complete.

Samhain is a Sabbat strongly associated with Death, but with death also comes renewal. By embracing the darkness within ourselves we learn to not be afraid.

No matter where we are, or what we do, we are never alone. We are always part of the Universe. We are always part of the Wheel.


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