Mabon – Large Group Ritual

The evening begins with a Coven member explaining what is to happen as the evening progresses, so that people know what to expect.

Once the introductions and welcome are through, participants are asked to stand, the lights are switched off, and the ritual begins.

A singing bowl or bell is struck three times to signal silence. The Crone takes up her broom and sweeps around the perimeter of the Circle.

A Coven member then moves around the Circle, cleansing the air with the singing bowl. A second Coven member calls in the quarters and welcomes the elements. The first Coven member circles again with sound, and the Circle is bound fast.

Two Coven members move around to the south, and take up their lighters. They light the candles of the ritual attendees, and bid them welcome. They then return to the Altar, gather the bowls of mojo ingredients, and pass them to the Crone, who explains what each ingredient was and what it was for.

Quarters of brown velvet form the Mabon mojo bags, which are bound with orange ribbon, the two colours representing the Autumnal Equinox and the change from the warm seasons to the cooler months.

The ingredients that are passed around are almonds, frankincense, pine needles, juniper berries and gumnuts or other locally-gathered nuts.

Each participant binds the ingredients in their mojo bag by the light of their candle, and takes time to meditate on their bag while the story of Mabon is read.

As well as the ingredients for the mojo bags, autumn leaves are passed around, and each participant takes one. They are then asked to meditate on the goals and achievements of the past year, what they have learned and how they have grown, as Mabon is a time of the Second Harvest – a time to reflect on the inner life.

When the bags are complete, and the participants have had a chance to reflect and meditate on their leaves, the Crone walks around the Circle, staff in hand, and asks each person that they be willing to sacrifice their leaf to the God and Goddess, for without sacrifice there can be no growth and renewal.

The leaves are gathered in. As a sign of sacrifice, the candles of the participants are each snuffed out as the sacrifice is made and the leaves taken in by the Crone.

Then the cauldron at the centre of the Circle is lit, and the Crone casts the spell of sacrifice, throwing the leaves to the flames. The leaves are consumed and burn brightly.

The cauldron burns for many minutes, shooting orange and brown flames into the air while everyone watches and meditates on the flames. Finally, with all the leaves reduced to ash, the Crone decides that it is time to draw the Circle to a close, and she calls down the Circle, bidding the elements farewell, and the cauldron is extinguished.



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