Guided meditation: To Will

Start by closing your eyes, and slowing your breathing. Breathe gently in through the nose, and out through the mouth. In…out…in…out…


Feel the earth beneath your body, and be aware of the life all around you. Know that you do not live on the earth, but in Her. Touch the earth with your hands. Feel the connection.

With your mind’s eye, look up slowly. You are facing the North, and you stand in the heat of the day on a dry, desert landscape. With every cell of your body you can feel the heat bearing down on you, trapping you, forcing its way into you as it replaces water and moisture with dryness and dust. You squint into the light, and quickly glance upwards to see s white, smouldering sun at the height of its majesty and power.

You feel thirst. You are alone; totally alone. There is no water around you. You carry no food. You are alone, helpless, under the scalding sun that threatens to blister your skin and burn your eyes. You close your eyes, and this provides some relief from the blinding light, but not much.

Beneath your closed eyelids, you can still see the piercing light, and the orb of the sun has left its imprint on your eyes like a scar.

You need water. Your mouth is dry; parched. You lick your cracked, sore lips, but this helps little. Soon the moisture on your lips is replaced with the red dust carried by the air around you. You are glad that you have shoes, without them your feet would be boiled raw. But you can smell the scent of melting rubber, and you know your shoes won’t last long in this parched, empty, desert land.

You will soon be alone, naked, with nothing between you and the Element of Fire.

Suddenly a harsh, forceful wind blows up, carrying a swirl of dust and dirt towards you. You try to stand your ground, but are forced to the sand by the sheer strength of the onslaught. It forces you to your knees, which are ripped, torn and burned by the sharp sand and rocks on which you stood.

You lose your balance against the wind, and cry out in pain as you are forced further down, to your hands, which blister against the unforgiving earth. You know that your unprotected skin will burn unless you find the will within yourself to challenge the might of Fire.

Summoning every ounce of your strength, you reach up, and force your self to your knees, then to your feet. You stand, not by strength but by sheer determination. You know you will survive the holocaust because your determination is strong, and your will is set.

You are on your feet. And, as you reach full height, the sandstorm dies down as suddenly as it started. You close your eyes, and you can almost taste water again. You force one foot in front of another and head to the West, where you know there is water and life.

Gently come back to here and now. Take time to open your eyes when you are ready.


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