Guided meditation: To Know

Start by closing your eyes, and slowing your breathing. Breathe gently in through the nose, and out through the mouth. In…out…in…out…


Feel the earth beneath your body, and be aware of the life all around you. Know that you do not live on the earth, but in Her. Touch the earth with your hands. Feel the connection.

With your mind’s eye, look up slowly. You are facing the East, at the first cold blush of dawn. The air is icy, and the wind blows your hair from your face and stings your eyes. Feel the air against you, biting and harsh. You are barefoot; notice how the freezing earth numbs your feet to the bone.

Know silence, know the stillness, recognise this part of the day as the stillness before the quickening. It is the breath before the plunge.

You are alone. Feel your heart beating inside your chest. Feel your pulse in your veins. Be aware of the life force within you, and know that you are a part of this still, cold landscape.

You are the warmth that will thaw the morning; yours is the voice that will break the silence. The connection between the land and your body runs deep, just as the air you breathe circulates in the atmosphere and is breathed in by the plants and trees around you before being returned, refreshed, to you again. Feel the pattern, known that the link cannot be broken: will never be broken.

Take a deep breath. Look towards the East once more, and watch in quiet reflection as the sun’s golden arc bursts forth across the horizon. As the golden glow reaches its fingertips across the land, the silence of the morning is broken as one small bird, very far away, is stirred into song. Listen to the song, and feel the bird’s joy in your heart.

The sun rises, and your pulse quickens. You breathe deeply, again and again. You feel the hairs rise on your arms and neck at the beauty that is revealed before you as the sun brings a blush of warmth to the landscape.

Be aware of the connection between your body and the sun. Both bring warmth and life; both share a pulse of rising and falling, waxing and waning, and of constant renewal. Feel the strength in your body. Flex your muscles – your arms, your hands, your legs, your toes. Be aware of every aspect of your physical self. Know your physicality, and reflect on the strength and beauty of your existence.

In your own way, take time to give thanks for the amazing creation that you are. Reflect and know. Think. Feel. Be aware.

Know yourself.

When you are ready, gently come back to here and now. Take time to open your eyes when you are ready.


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