Guided Meditation: To Keep Silent

Start by closing your eyes, and slowing your breathing. Breathe gently in through the nose, and out through the mouth. In…out…in…out…


Feel the earth beneath your body, and be aware of the life all around you. Know that you do not live on the earth, but in Her. Touch the earth with your hands. Feel the connection.

With your mind’s eye, look up slowly. You are facing the South, and it is midnight. The full moon is directly above, a cold and silver dazzling orb of light.

Her light touches your face, and you can almost feel the pulse of her icy breath and the fingers of white light that cast over your body.

Suddenly, the darkness encroaches. The moon is hidden behind a bank of dark clouds, and a winds rises to bring a chill to the night air.

It is cold, and you huddle down for warmth, finally sitting cross-legged on the earth in an attempt to glean the last warmth of the earth before the coldest part of night falls, and the warmth disappears completely.

The earth is cool, with just the slightest hint of warmth left. You look down, and in the faint rays of moonlight that pierce the thick clouds above, you become aware of small scurrying movement all around you.

You peer down, squinting for a closer look – straining, to see what could be moving around you.

It is a trail of ants. Not often seen above ground when it is night, they seem harassed, and their movement is somehow strained and odd. You form the impression that they are preparing for an onslaught of some description – possibly a storm, or maybe a flood that will fill their underground homes and drown their nest.

They are rushing in a thick trail, down and into their holes, where it is warm and safe. You touch the earth near them with your fingertips, and the vibration causes them to stop, raise up on their hind set of legs, and wave their antennae quizzically, before continuing on their path into their homes.

Beneath the earth on which you sit, you are aware of a hive of silent activity. Beneath you, you know that the ants are storing food against the colder weather. Their tunnels weave around ancient tree roots, and the roots in turn break the hard earth, softening it so that the ants can dig more easily and prepare a safe nest for their young.

In your soul you contemplate the fact that every grain of earth is a living, breathing microcosm of life. Every part of the earth is alive, and the silence of what lies beneath the topsoil is no indication of a lack of life, or thought, or being.

The silence of life is beneath you, in the earth – it is only above the earth where sound truly carries great distances.

In the deeps of the earth, there is silence, but there is life, and growth, and the slow passage of time that allows the tree roots to grow, allows the ants to build more tunnels and the ant queens to birth more young, allows the microbes to swarm and multiple, breaking down plant matter in an endless, vital cycle of decay and renewal.

This is the power of silence.

Gently come back to here and now. Take time to open your eyes when you are ready.


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