Guided Meditation: To Dare

Start by closing your eyes, and slowing your breathing. Breathe gently in through the nose, and out through the mouth. In…out…in…out…


Feel the earth beneath your body, and be aware of the life all around you. Know that you do not live on the earth, but in Her. Touch the earth with your hands. Feel the connection.

With your mind’s eye, look up slowly. You are facing the West, and you stand on the seashore as the sun sets across the waters. Feel the grit of the sand between your toes, then a sudden shock of cold, clean water as the tide flows in and over your ankles.

Watch the sea as it laps gently in, then out, reflecting the golden glow of the setting sun in every wave and movement.

Something catches your eye in the sand. Stooping, you reach down to touch the tip of a curled, pure white shell that has been nestled in the yellow sand, almost hidden for what may have been many long years. You rinse the shell in the foam from the waves around your ankles, and place it in your palm.

It is absolutely white, flawless, and so delicate that it is almost transparent. You focus, entranced, on its curls, and on the way each layer of the shell folds so perfectly within and upon itself.

Suddenly you feel the shell move. You become aware that you are not alone. Slowly, cautiously, a tiny hermit crab inches out of the shell, waving its pincers threateningly. Of course, it is no threat to you, and you watch in fascination as the crab inches out further, then starts to walk along your palm. Its miniature claws tickle the palm of your hand. Laughing, you carefully place the hermit crab back down on the sand, and it scuttles away, then is soon buffeted by the tide before it disappears beneath the water.

Once again, you look toward the horizon. The sun is sinking, little more than a fiery crescent above the horizon. Soon it will be dark. You look down, and see that your feet are now mere shadows beneath the encroaching tide.

The darkness is falling, and the wind against your cheek blows colder.

Gently come back to here and now. Take time to open your eyes when you are ready.


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