Midsummer ritual for solitary practitioner

Midsummer falls on the summer solstice, on the shortest night of the year.

This is a time when evenings are long and hot, and days seem to stretch endlessly. If celebrating on the actual day of Midsummer is not possible, celebrate the festival on the Sunday, which is the day sacred to Helios, the God of the Sun.


For this rite you will need:

– small, in-season fruit offerings to leave as you work
– a bowl to carry them in (preferably wooden)
– a few small coins
– some gardening or other thick gloves
– a garbage bag.

Say the following:

Fairies of the Wind
Of all things seen and unseen
Of the intellect, of the mind, of communication
Be with me now!

Fairies of the Flames
Of lust, passion, creativity, desire
Be with me now!

Fairies of the Waters
Of emotion, intuition, empathy, connection
Be with me now!

Fairies of the Earth
Of strength, wisdom, tradition, the body
Be with me now!

I carry the powers of wind, flame, water and earth
I need no Circle; for tonight I give my body and soul to the spirit of Gaia.

Take your fruit offerings, and journey around your neighbourhood, paying special attention to areas with native trees.

As you travel, pick up any rubbish you see lying around, and put it in your garbage bag (remember to wear your gloves and be wary of sharp items).

At various trees, leave small fruit offerings to the inhabitants of the trees (possums, insects, spiders etc.) Thank them in your own words for being a part of the beautiful web of life that is Gaia.

Take time to take off your gloves and touch the trees and the earth. Take time to connect with the life force around. Meditate on the beauty that you see, and be aware of the gift that is your life.

Focus on the interconnectedness that is Gaia. Be thankful.

At last, when your fruit offering bowl is empty, and your garbage bag is full, take off your gloves, and touch the earth with both palms.

Feel the energy moving through you, up your left arm and down through your right arm.

Say the following:

I give thanks for my blessings
I give thanks for my life
And I honour the sacred Earth.
Now I am alive, and I am a part of Gaia
When I die, I will still be a part of her
And when I am reborn, she will embrace me again.

The rite is done.

Image by Bluecinderelle


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