Lammas – Solitary ritual

For this ritual you will need:

• Two straight wooden sticks, each roughly 20 – 30 cm long

• Four threads (coloured wool is perfect), each in the colour of the elements (yellow, red, blue and green)

• ale or cider

• a loaf of home-baked bread or damper. The bread should still be warm when the ritual begins.

Set an altar in the center of the Circle, and on it lay the ale and bread. Put a pitcher of spring water next to the silver bowl.

Cast the Circle in the following way:

Wind, Fire, Sea, Stone
Breath, Flame, Wave, Bone
As I will, So it be done!
As I will, so it be done!
This circle is cast! Time has no meaning here.
This circle is cast! No harm can come to me here.
I am between the worlds.

Take up the sticks, and hold them at crosspoints to each other, bisecting in the middle to form an equal-armed cross. Tie them together with the four coloured threads, and start weaving a web, moving around the back and forming a loop
over each arm of the cross.

As you do so, say the following:

So the web of Air is woven
So the web of Fire is woven
So the web of Water is woven
So the web of Earth is woven
By Air, Fire, Water and Earth
I weave the strands of Lammas!

As you weave the web, say the above chant over and over, slowly, and meditate on all the good things harvest has brought you. Finally, when the web is done, tie off the threads, and place the web in the silver bowl, and cover it with spring water. Anoint yourself with the water, thank Deity for your blessings, and be refreshed with cakes and ale.

Finally, close the Circle:

By the earth, by all fleshly beings
By the water and all creatures that drink from Her
By the fire, and the shining spirits of the Bright Ones
By the breath that gives all life
By earth, by water, by fire and by air
Bright ones, depart in peace from this place.
So mote it be. Blessed be.

Dry and hang the web in a sunny window, where it will keep away evil.


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