New Moon Ritual – group ritual

Start by setting the candles at the perimeter of the circle, and starting a fire in the Coven cauldron. Form a circle, and two Circle participants purified the area about you, first with incense (Air and Fire), then with saltwater (Water and Earth).

Next, one member of the Coven should call in the elements, starting with Air in the East, and working anti-clockwise through Fire (North), Water (West) and Earth (South).

Each of the Coveners pulls three strands of hair from their head, and holds them between their fingertips.

HPS: It is the time of the new moon
When the sky is dark
When the stars shine more brightly
When the night air is colder, and the evening is still.

The Coven start chanting, harmonising:

Time is Change
Change is Time
Change is the Way of the Goddess.

HPS:We spend this time in reflection
And we give thanks.
Life must give sacrifice
So light can be reborn.
We now give of ourselves, so that the Lord and Lady may give to us.

One by one, the Coven step forward to the cauldron, release their hairs into the flame, and meditates on a sacrifice they are willing to make.

They speak their sacrifice to the Coven.

Coven: So mote it be!

Then each Covenor makes a commitment to honour this sacrifice until the next new moon.

Cakes and ale are shared, as the flames of the cauldron die to embers, and the Circle is closed.


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