About Akasha Witchcraft: Basic Grounding and Selected Weaves

Akasha is a living tradition in WitchCraft, birthed at Samhain 2003 in Melbourne Australia.

Akasha is focused on deep power control and management, real life skills, directly applicable magic, and understanding and recognition of natural and human made cycles and structures.

Akashans work with the Elements to create positive change on the Earth. Through a series of deep meditations and training in one or several chosen spheres of power and ability, Akashans elicit positive change in their own lives.

Akasha is not an exclusive path; it may be combined with other faiths and pathworkings. Because our teaching and training is reality-based rather than ideologically-based, it fits well with most non-exclusive belief systems.

Akasha is holistic and teaches the student how to maintain their own physical and mental wellbeing, through ritual, yoga, meditation, and dietary fine-tuning.

Akashan Witches are expected to have the deepest commitment to their life path.

The name ‘Akasha’ comes from the Sanskrit word kash, meaning ‘to radiate, to shine’. It is also another word for Spirit, or the Fifth Element.

Akasha is a path of peace, and the goal of Akashans is to support peace and positive living for all.

Alignment with the Akashan Path for Eclectic Pagans

Existing eclectic Covens and Solitaires may, through bridging studies, align themselves with the Akashan Tradition, and be granted full status as members of the Akashan Tradition.

Akasha Online Study: How it works

Akasha has twin aspects of learning: Basic Grounding, and Selected Weave (Calling). Every studient begins with Basic Grounding, and may later move on to a Selected Weave. Some may choose to follow multiple Selected Weaves, as they become more advanced.

We teach face-to-face from Novice through to Third Degree Basic Brounding, with a combination of regular theory (study topics) and practical (rites, spells and meditations).

BASIC GROUNDING: This is the type of online study you might normally expect from Eclectic Witchcraft. Some will be similar to anyone who has studied other Witchcraft traditions.

SELECTED WEAVES: Advanced Initiates select a particular calling, and develop high level skill sets in a particular Weave. Examples include the Bardic Tradition (music, literature, poetry and performance); the Crown Tradition (leadership, negotiation and politics); the Warrior Tradition (battle skills and learning, the art of war, manipulation, physical empowerment and control); and the Hearth Weave, developing high skill levels and ability in herbology, plant care and natural therapies.

These are practical skills with real life application.

Learning Online: First Degree

Akasha offers online study.

Our content in First Degree in Basic Grounding, and some Selected Weaves content is in the process of becoming freely available for download from this website. Further, higher level training will soon be able to be purchased for download at a very reasonable price – a small fee is charged to cover our operating costs.


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